6 Affordable Decor Options for a Modern Home


1. A simple yet attractive white terracotta pot for your planting your favorite plants. This is one of the easiest ways to get started with modern home decor because planters play an important role in the modern minimalist decor. You can also buy a couple more in different sizes to create that green effect you have always desired.

2. A white shade table lamp for your bedroom may sound like an old trick but this one is not only different but also very appealing. The best thing is, it’s not very expensive either. It is easy to manage and clean and therefore highly recommended for modern homes.

3. A set of 12 wall-mounted shelves in white for keeping your books and decorative objects. This element for the modern home looks amazing in a living room or a bedroom because of its simple design and unmatched quality. It is easy to install and can make a wall stand out even if there are no other decorative items around.

4. Want to make your dining table stand out without spending a lot of money? Try this beautiful snake plant on the center of the table with a matching table runner to impress your guests. The setting can be made even more inviting by having an overhead globe light in stainless steel.

5. If you are an admirer of striking and unusual home decor elements, try this extraordinary grey wooden ladder that looks great on a white painted wall. It can be used for hanging clothes but even a stand-alone ladder looks very modern in a minimalist home.

6. Display racks come in very handy and the best thing about them is that, they are not very expensive. Try out this white and black wooden display rack that can be placed anywhere in the home for a soft and casual look. It can be used for placing multiple items from collectibles to books and even small toys.


A modern home looks incomplete without different decor elements like mirrors, wall art, vases, candles and candle stands, planters and many others. With so many options available on the market, it sometimes gets difficult to choose the right products especially when you also have a limited budget. It is possible to find some great elements at reasonable prices that would look perfect in a modern home. You can try out different combinations to suit your personal taste and showcase your creative skills by using these objects.

Decorative objects for home come in many different styles and forms Some of them can be very expensive but there is no need to worry about it as there are numerous affordable options available as well.