6 Living Rooms that Artisans will Love


1. Various wooden details are apparent in this small, yet truly stylish living room. From ceiling beams to a high wooden shelf on which vintage pottery items are on display, combined with cane sofas and tiled floor; all of this speaks of the true beauty of handicrafts and a signature decor you won’t find anywhere else.

2. A vintage living room style with comfortable sofas, book racks, paintings hung on walls, and an old-style console, this space will surely grab your attention if you fancy a lot of storage space and particularly shelves built to keep books. Wooden floor complemented with an old-style colorful is anther feature that makes this living room stand out.

3. A beautiful, one-of-a-kind living room with mirrors on both sides hung over vanity style racks designed for efficient storage. Some of the unique accents of this artisan living room are candle stands, glass doors and dark wood racks for displaying decorative items. The matching marble floor highlights the dynamism of the space even further.

4. Warm and inviting, this living room perfectly fits the description of true artisan lifestyle with mixed traditional and vintage accents combined with comfort. An old-style wall clock, vintage candle stand, and a mixed cane and wooden furniture make this living room very attractive and unique.

5. Well, artisans do like to experiment with modern decor as well as minimalism and traditional setting. This living room speaks of class and luxury combined with simplicity and natural colors. White dominates the entire scene that has been highlighted with beautiful pastel colors and a striking rug. The matching tiled floor further enhances the decor of this beautiful setup.

6. Nothing feels more inviting than a brightly-lit living room with an open kitchen in hues of gray and white. This living room is a reflection of comfort and relaxed living style with a vintage dining room hutch on one side and a simple dining table with wooden chairs. The windows are made to look more attractive with decorative items placed in front.


Living rooms that reflect casual fashion and rustic accents mixed with traditional decor are something artisans absolutely love. Worn-out or chipped paint, brick walls, old-style curtains, and natural cane furniture are some of the features of a true artisan living room. You will also see very simple and minimalist designs in this category with only a few elements in the room but they make the space look totally inviting and very comfortable.

The living room is an area in your house that you can decorate right according to your personality and style. Artisan lifestyle reflects comfort, exclusiveness and organization among other things. Some of these living rooms are true reflections of a bold and out-of-this-world decor but this is what makes these spaces unique and beautiful.

These are just some of the most compelling designs in the artisan living room category so you can pick a couple of ideas to create a unique and totally intriguing living room to impress your guests.