6 Unusual Contemporary Interior Design Ideas for Your Home


1. A contemporary living room design featuring a nature-inspired wallpaper, two modern coffee tables and a comfortable sofa to complement the look. This decor speaks of minimalism at its best. The wooden floor adds to the beauty of the ambiance and a plant placed right beside the TV stand looks inviting and in complete harmony with the wallpaper. Well, you can introduce your own style by choosing a different wallpaper and match it with the rest of the decor.

2. A bathroom design inspired by simplicity, this room is going to become one of your favorite spots in the house. A plain white bathtub placed right in front of the window is the main attraction of this bathroom. Of course the adjacent shower area looks just as modern and so do the wall hangings. The entire decor has been complemented with a tiled floor in soft hues.

3. A modern minimalist kitchen that would definitely grab your attention owing to its class and elegance. Black countertops with soft wooden cabinets and a white background; all contribute to a simple yet striking design. The tiled floor is another attraction in the kitchen that goes with the wall paint on one side.

4. Did you know that four-poster beds are back in fashion? Try this amazing look for your bedroom if you want to introduce some unusual yet striking elements to your home. It features an artistic fan and room decor that reflects a vintage style. The oriental rug on a wooden floor completes the look.

5. Another bedroom design that would make you want to try out at least a couple of these striking elements. From unusual lighting to a mirror door wardrobe, everything about this setting is amazing and quite modern.

6. An extraordinary but highly inviting bathroom design with a simple ceramic bathtub and a couple of other accessories. The plant in the corner as well as the stones beneath the tub make it look like a royal retreat. If you truly enjoy modern decor elements, this design is surely going to make your day.


There are many types of interior designs from traditional and classic to modern and contemporary. When it comes to contemporary interior design, the focus is more on the form itself rather than the elements. The beauty of such a decor is that you can experiment with just about any milieu as long as it makes you comfortable even it means trying out some very unusual settings.

Contemporary or modern interior design doesn’t mean you have to stick with the old and proven ideas only. There is a lot to try especially when it comes to combining minimalism with modern decor. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can buy just a couple of high-end items and create an ambiance that reflects your true personality.

These 6 interior design ideas you can try in your home if you’re looking for a contemporary and striking backdrop.