7 Modern Furniture Trends to Try in 2019


1. Large sofa sets are back in fashion. Whether it is the living room or the drawing room, you need single-tone sofas with cushions that would take up most of the space in the room.

2. Gone are the days when rectangular glass coffee tables were preferred for the living room. Round wooden tables are going to be in trend in the year 2019. They come in many different styles and sizes so you can easily pick one according to your requirements.

3. Wooden dining tables are also back in fashion for 2019. You may want to use different types of chairs depending on your personal style. The color and type of wood can also be according to your preference.

4. Although many people like the idea of minimalist bed designs, decorative beds are also being considered for their class and elegance. Matching side tables and dressers make a complete set and all these elements combined can totally change the decor of a room.

5. Simple yet elegant dressers with a wall-mounted mirror are being preferred for their versatility and convenience. They can be matched with just about any type of bed and the mirror can also be used for different purposes.

6. Leather couches can be used to impart a soft and inviting look to any room. Use a couple of these in the living room to fill out certain areas that are otherwise difficult to decorate. Curved sofas are usually preferred but any style in leather would do the trick.

7. Wooden end tables could be a perfect addition to any living room especially if you’re opting for a modern decor. It can totally change the setting from traditional to a mix of modern and contemporary that most people desire. You can have a matching book rack and a mirror to complete the look.


Furniture plays an important role in home design. All its elements from color and style to dimensions and material, reflect the personality of the homeowner. Choosing the furniture pieces requires a great deal of research because you need to match them with the overall decor as well as the style of doors and windows. The latest trends in home decor when it comes to furniture combine eco-friendliness with ease of use and minimalism.

When it comes to furnishing the home, homeowners usually go for modern furniture. And that is why they look for the latest trends in furniture designs to make their home look more impressive to the visitors. The modern trends are to go green in almost every aspect of home decor whether it is the living room or the dining room. From bamboo floors to wooden dining tables, everything in the home now reflects a connection with the nature. Check out the ideas discussed in this post to change the form of your home design and try something new and exciting.

If you want to decorate your home according to modern principles, these ideas should get you started.