7 Rustic Style Kitchens You’ll Love


1. This time-worn kitchen features old rustic drawers and dark wood shelves in place of cabinets along with wood ceiling beams to complete the look. There is a center island as well that offers more storage and counter space. It is one warm and inviting setup that you will definitely love.

2. One of the easiest ways to convert your existing kitchen into an old-style rustic kitchen is to add wooden ceiling beams in dark color. White cabinets and drawers go well with this kind of setting and so does light colored wooden floor.

3. Open-style cabinets for storage along with some other decorative elements that remind us of country life are characteristic of rustic kitchens. Try such an arrangement in your existing kitchen and you will see a marked difference in its appearance.

4. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you cannot design it according to your preferences. Check out this beautiful yet compact kitchen that incorporates all the essential elements of a luxury kitchen with a rustic touch.

5. A simple but neat arrangement, this kitchen is a combination of practical elements and a rustic feel. You will enjoy the easy to maintain marble countertop and a couple of pull-out cabinets for efficient storage. The wooden cabinets are complemented by white drawers below the cook top.

6. This stunning kitchen features a brick wall with shelves and two separate countertops for extra counter space as well as a dining table in the center. The floor is chosen according to the overall decor of the kitchen along with a freestanding pantry.

7. A true amalgamation of rustic elements and modern decor, this kitchen will surely become one of your favorite designs for a planned renovation. It is highlighted by a wooden island with old-style drawers and a brick wall in the background to complete the look.


The kitchen is a place where we spend most of our time and therefore it should embody our true personality and sense of style. If you prefer old and rustic style kitchens, you would be thrilled to know that even replacing only a couple of items in your existing kitchen can help you achieve that look. Rustic luxury kitchens not only offer more functional value but they are also very aesthetically pleasing. Check out the designs discussed in this post and take your pick.

No matter how modern we get, we all fancy country life. And one way to bring that coziness and warmth in your home is to have a rustic style kitchen. It’s the best way to escape from busy fast-paced daily life and enjoy the true beauty of elements close to nature. Fireplaces, old worn-out cabinets, brick walls and wooden ceiling beams are some of the elements that can impart a rustic look to your kitchen. Some people prefer dark wood, while others fancy elements of stone. Another way to achieve this look is to add rustic accessories or simply choose primitive paint to give that old look to the walls.