7 Simple Interior Design Ideas for a Minimalist Home


1. This modern bedroom features only a single painting on the wall, a lamp on the side table and a very simple looking wooden bed set. You can have a matching study table on one side for enhancing the functional value of the room.

2. This living room is a perfect example of minimalism with only a single sectional sofa in a soft color and a TV rack with flat cabinets. The entire setup not only looks modern but is also very easy to manage. A coffee table in the center placed over a simple rug completes the look.

3. Nothing looks more beautiful than a wooden dining table with contrast chairs in a modern dining room. Just a single centerpiece and an overhead light completes the look of this minimalist setup for your contemporary home. The curtains can be matched with the color of the chairs to bring that evenness and harmony that facilitates minimalism.

4. If you want to spend your money wisely on interior design, it is recommended to go for an expensive but highly functional sectional sofa in leather for your living room. No need to have a number of decorative items for this room because the sofa itself becomes the highlight. Combined with a soft modern rug, it will make your living space totally inviting.

5. Another simple and highly inviting living room design featuring a white wooden desk with decorative items on it and a grey sofa to complement the look. There are only a few posters on the wall and a center table that go well with each other and complete the design effortlessly.

6. Simple interior design can make your bathrooms not only easy to manage but also very attractive. Try out this minimalist look for your new bathroom featuring a white bathtub with matching vanity and soft tiles in the background. The vanity features sufficient storage space for keeping away the toiletries.

7. Another very simple bathroom design to introduce minimalism to your interior decor. An all-white setting with cupboards and a wall-mounted vanity complete the look. There is plenty of storage space in this well-managed bathroom where the toiletries and accessories can be kept hidden away from the view.


Minimalism is on the rise everywhere in the world. Whether it is interior design or storage and organization, introducing minimalism requires exploring some simple yet appealing design ideas. You can experiment with just a couple of things in the bedroom or a few items in the living room to create that neat and fresh look that is characteristic of minimalism.

A house full of furniture, decorative objects, storage items and accessories is not only difficult to manage, it also creates an undesirable noise. Minimalist interior design doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal taste and style. You can still be very creative by using only a few items for creating that simple yet neat and easy to manage setup.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with minimalist interior design.