8 Amazing Celebrity Style Bedrooms


1. The first bedroom featured here combines luxury with minimalism with a beautiful chandelier that complements the entire look. It includes a shining tiled floor that goes well with the all-white decor of the bedroom.

2. This soft and soothing bedroom design features a four-poster bed with a glass ceiling. The luxury dresser on one side comes in a dark wood shade that completely goes with the light colored carpet on the floor. Another striking feature of this amazingly comfortable bedroom is a big plant placed in front of the window.

3. When simplicity meets luxury, the result is something that is totally irresistible. This ultra luxurious bedroom comes with minimal furniture but a look that outshines many. With a small dresser on one side and an entire wall behind the bed dedicated to windows, this design would definitely attract a lot of people who admire light and bright bedrooms.

4. If you want to accentuate the beauty of breathtaking greenery outside your bedroom, try this look. With a multitude of windows, a light colored luxury carpet, and matching curtains, this design speaks of class and elegance.

5. When you want the bed to be the center of attention, there is nothing like a luxury setup that highlights the sumptuousness of your dark toned bed with light colored decor, recessed ceiling lights and a matching dresser. If there are no huge windows in the room, a couple of lamps combined with additional lighting enhances the comfort.

6. This is a truly amazing celeb style bedroom with wooden floor and sliding windows that open to awe-inspiring scenery outside. You can use a light colored rug to accentuate the beauty of the wooden floor and some other accents to bring more tranquility inside the bedroom.

7. A bedroom that would make you feel like a monarch, this one takes the all-white design to a new level. An entire wall behind the bed takes the look of a modern setting combined with a truly inspiring bed that feels extremely luxurious. The look is complemented with a beautiful rug beneath the bed that brings out the beauty in the black wooden floor.

8. A simple yet sophisticated bedroom with old chest-style side tables and glass doors on one side that open out to a serene beach environment, this bedroom is surely going to take your breath away. A dark wallpaper highlights a white TV stand and goes well with the beautiful floor.


It is always very fulfilling to peak into celebrity style luxury bedrooms not just to get some really amazing ideas but also to witness luxury in its true sense. While it might be impossible to create an exact match, you can at least use a few ideas to give a face lift to your current bedroom.

Celebrities might appear all bold and utterly daring on the red carpet, their bedrooms are a true reflection of their personality. The bedrooms discussed in this post are all epitomes of luxury, minimalism and comfort. Check them out and you won’t be disappointed!

They are just a select group of the best celeb style bedrooms that we’ve rounded up for you. They feature everything you might imagine in the bedroom of a famous person from extravagant bedding to amazing lighting and breathtaking outside views.