8 Cities in the World Known for Great Food


1. London: Can you guess what in London is called the genuine “British food”? Of course, none other than Fish & Chips! If you want to have the feeling of the traditional London, then do try their Fish & Chips at any restaurant. Some notable ones to find the most delicious fish & chips include Hook Camden, Fish!, and Poppie’s.

2. Istanbul: Turkish cuisine is famous all over the world; it is scrumptious and simply amazing. If you happen to be in Istanbul, it is highly recommended that you try your hands on their traditional appetizer or salad, Grilled Eggplants with Yogurt. There are many variations to the basic recipe and some other salads are also worth trying.

3. Chicago: This American city is famous the world over for its deep pan pizza. And no, there is simply no equivalent found anywhere else of the super big, fat, cheesy and of course, extremely delicious pizza, not even in Italy! So, the next time you’re in Chicago, don’t forget to order one.

4. Dallas: Another American city that made to this list is because of its unmatched and simply the best barbeque. If you plan on visiting Texas anytime soon, don’t forget to visit some of the restaurants there that offer amazing barbeque dishes!

5. Delhi: Although rice is the staple dish of India, the city of Delhi is famous for its exotic dish known as Chhole Bhature. It is in fact an appetizer or a side dish and can also be consumed as breakfast. Do try it on your next visit to India and you will remember the taste for years!

6. Prince Edward Island: If you love seafood, you have got to pay a visit to the province of Prince Edward Island in Canada. This region is famous for its Lobster. Tourists especially visit the place to try out its range of seafood.

7. Bruges: Bruges in Belgium is not just famous for its arts and crafts but also its mouth-watering, extremely light and utterly delicious Waffles. These delicacies are special because they are unique and come with larger pockets and are also crisper.

8. Berlin: If you want to taste the best, we repeat, the BEST Pretzels in the world, you have got to travel all the way to Germany. It is one of the must-try foods in Berlin or any other city. Pretzels are known as breze or brezel in German.


Food is something everyone enjoys regardless of their age and interests. While traveling especially one thing that always stays on our mind is where to get the best food. Whether it is the local cuisine of a city or something that got famous with time, it is always recommended to try out the specialty of any city you’re visiting for a vacation. It not only gives a chance to taste some of the exotic foods in the world but also makes your trip more worthwhile and enjoyable. The list we have shortlisted here is going to make all those foodies out there excited about their next trip!