9 Inspiring Luxury Living Rooms


1. This spacious living room has been lit up with the help of a multitude of windows on two walls. There is a mirror that reflects the sunlight to create an even more inviting look. The overall appearance has been accentuated with white sofas and a luxurious rug with a modern coffee table in the center.

2. Nothing feels warmer and more inviting than hues of brown in a living room whether it is the furniture, drapes or the floor. This living room decor is definitely going to grab your attention with comfy sofas complemented with a modern coffee table and modern windows and recessed ceiling lights.

3. A spacious living room with a high ceiling and entire walls dedicated to windows, this room speaks of luxury in its true sense. Wooden floor and large lamps to complement the look along with a modern sofa placed on top of a beautiful plush rug, this is surely a set up to impress.

4. The look of a luxury living room is incomplete without a fireplace. This one is a reflection of traditional decor mixed with modern elements like a leather sofa and shining wooden floor. It is not only an elegant setting but also one that would make the entire family comfortable.

5. A perfect setting for a highly practical and comfortable living room, this one takes in an L-shaped leather sofa combined with a warm wooden floor and an entire wall made of old-style bricks. This combination is ideal for small living rooms or areas that have been transformed into TV lounges.

6. Sectional sofas are an important part of a modern luxury room that speak of elegance and comfort. This one has been designed to complement the decor of the patio to which the glass doors open. A matching rug and a couple of contemporary elements make this living room a part of the entire modern set up.

7. When it comes to contemporary decor, white is seen as a main color in most designs. This living room is striking because it is a combination of black and white elements featuring a white sectional sofa and black TV stand. Windows with a breathtaking view of the outside veranda is also a prominent feature of this living room.

8. High ceiling is becoming a must-have feature in luxury homes. This living room features a traditional decor with two matching settees and a white dining room hutch on one side. Wooden floor and a modern rug are some other elements that make the area stand out.

9. When there is beautiful view outside, minimalism is the best way to go about decorating a living room. An entire glass wall offers a delightful view of the mountains. The interior decor speaks of simplicity yet elegance and class. A simple center table combined with white sofas and a few other elements complete the look.


Luxury living rooms are an embodiment of class and elegance. High-end furniture, luxurious curtains and impressive modern lighting are some of the elements that make up a classy living room.

A living room is probably the first place a guest sees when they enter the home. This space needs to be perfectly decorated so that it reflects your true style. Modern and high-end decor is the cornerstone of a luxury living room. But such a living room is also made to be highly practical and very comfortable.