9 Luxury Kitchen Styles Of The Rich & Famous


When the Rich & Famous look at buying a new home, a luxury kitchen is top of the wish list.

This is a typical luxury kitchen that celebrities choose. It has to be one of the key features they look at when choosing a focal area for entertaining.

The kitchen here is a blank canvas, carefully crafted to look and feel sleek and modern but with traditional twists.

It’s a luxury kitchen style that A-listers go for. And it’s typical of the styles that attract a broad age range.

Just look at the amazing central island, topped with the beautiful marble top. The goldfish lamps cascade from above casting a beautiful glow above the extravagant preparation area.

Now, which Rich & Famous celeb would entertain in a kitchen like this one…

Another marble topped center island kitchen here. And this is one of our favorites.

This one is the same style a few celebrity chefs decide upon for a relaxed professional kitchen.

Although modern looking, for us, it shows yesteryear features that easily co-exist with simple elegant styling. A luxury kitchen we’d be proud of.

For those celebs who prefer a more classic country feel, this kitchen is sure to please.

It’s designed with attracting A-listers who want to get away from modern city living. The careful styling of matching the wooden flooring to the wall units results in a pleasing warm ambience.

It’s not overstated, and makes for a relaxing kitchen that resembles the kitchen of at least 2 famous ladies we can think of.

Here, we have a warm inviting luxe kitchen designed with simple loitering around the kitchen in mind.

It’s perfect for those stars of song and screen, that like to chink glasses in a luxury kitchen while pretending to cook dinner from scratch.

For those Rich & Famous city dwellers that can’t do without their modern living features…

This bolt-hole kitchen reminds them they have all their mod cons but in their country retreat.

Not for every celeb, but if modern is what they want they can have it in this contemporary styled luxury kitchen.

Grand, best describes this kitchen fit for a manor house. And there are a few celebrities who have almost identical copies of the luxury kitchen shown here.

Lots of dark wood panelling is not every celebrity dream. But I can think of a certain magnate who likes this kind of room.

Whilst not overtly old-fashioned, it does convey that it’s been designed with mature celebs in mind.

This kitchen shows the style chosen by A-listers for their open plan kitchens in their country retreat.

Again, not overstated or shouting – hey I’m a millionaire. But it’s the design chosen by those celebs who are out of the limelight.