9 Pregnancy-Friendly Foods Rich in Nutrients


1. Yogurt: Dairy products and particularly yogurt have high amounts of calcium and other vital nutrients good for pregnant women. Yogurt also contains probiotics that help to maintain a healthy immune system, stay away from illnesses and reduce the risk of birth complications.

2. Meat: There is no better source to get high-quality protein than meat including beef, mutton and chicken. Beef is also rich in iron and another important compound known as choline. Choline is a vitamin-like nutrient needed for many important functions of the body. Other than meat, eggs and peanuts are also high in choline.

3. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are known to have beta-carotene in them, which breaks down into vitamin A in the body. Pregnant women need about 30% more vitamin A than normal women and the best way to obtain it is through diet.

4. Spinach: Green vegetables are all good for health but spinach is particularly useful during pregnancy because it is rich in folate. And it also contains large amounts of iron, vitamin A and calcium – all of which are great for the baby’s development. You may also consider other green leafy vegetables to obtain their health benefits.

5. Salmon: Salmon is a preferred choice for pregnancy diet because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Not many foods provide these nutrients and therefore it is important to get them through seafood. But remember not to eat any other wild species of fish because they might have high levels of toxins and mercury in their body.

6. Dates: Dates are loaded with iron and many other nutrients that may be beneficial for the baby. Dates are also good sources of fiber, which is an important nutrient every pregnant woman needs. They are low in fat and hence offer great alternatives to many other foods eaten during pregnancy that may increase the risk of getting obese and develop gestational diabetes.

7. Oats: Oats are preferred because they are rich in fiber and B vitamins. They help to prevent constipation during pregnancy and afterwards and also promote increased milk flow when the mother is ready to nurse.

8. Eggs: Eggs are among the “superfoods” that are really good for the body as they are packed with just the right amount of protein and fat. Another reason for including eggs in the pregnancy diet is the presence of choline in them, which has been found to be important for brain development.

9. Berries: To get your share of antioxidants and healthy carbs during pregnancy, turn to berries. They not only promote appetite but also help to balance out loss of water especially in pregnant women.


Women need proper and regular nutrition when they conceive to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Not only does the body need more calories but also foods that are rich in certain nutrients good for the mother and the baby. Birth complications mostly occur when the pregnant woman is into poor eating habits. Check out this list of the best pregnancy-friendly foods to eat during the most miraculous nine months of your life.